Zeb and the crew rediscover the original Lasat homeworld of Lira San. While on a mission to find his missing sister Dhara Leonis, Zare had been transferred to the planet Arkanis, which hosted a secret facility called Area Null that hosted several secret Imperial programs including Project Harvester. This data overload destroyed the Gozanti-cruiser but caused Chopper to convulse. Rex inquired why Zeb was not assisting with loading the supplies, which included puffer pigs. [13] After being forced to leave Ezra behind after a botched rescue attempt, he felt a great deal of guilt until the boy's return. Television programs Kanan also expressed his fears that the Inquisitors were preventing him and Ezra from helping the rebels to start up a new base. When Zeb questioned what the shield generator was protecting, Sabine told him to work faster. Before they could flee aboard the Ghost, they were surrounded by Thrawn and his death troopers. Zeb found his way to a landed TIE Fighter. [11], Running low on supplies and fuel, Zeb and the crew of the Ghost reluctantly accepted a mission from the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizagoto to steal a cargo shipment from the Imperial Minister Maketh Tua. Following their escape from the Star Destroyer, Zeb informed his fellow rebels that the Wookiees were being transported to the mining world of Kessel. By the time of the show, he was 39 (human equivalent). Zeb and the other Spectres rushed to check if she was alright. Ahsoka Tano sent Zeb and his companions to meet with an old friend on the desert world of Seelos, who might know where to find such bases. Zeb outwitted Rudhor and took him out again just as more troopers arrived and fire. The episode "Droids in Distress" showed Zeb's vulnerable side, as he is extremely sensitive to the massacre of his people and carried extreme guilt and remorse for his inability to protect the Royal Family. Both survived the explosion, but Sabine was captured by the Fifth Brother. [19], After destroying the TIE Advanced fighter, Zeb hid in Capital City's old market while his rebel companions hid in Ezra's former family home. [29], Zeb and his rebel comrades with Quarrie and Commander Sato, Following a failed attempt by the Phoenix fleet to break the Imperial blockade around Ibaar, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost took part in a mission to contact a Mon Calamari engineer named Quarrie, who lived on the planet Shantipole. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Shortly, Hera contacted them. Zeb knocked out the scout trooper, and Ezra stole his armor. Zeb Orrelios(aka Garazeb Orrelios) is a character from the Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars Rebels TV series. After collecting the Sith holocron, Maul led Ezra to the command center. Zeb and Ezra were soon butting heads and when Ezra made fun of his smell, Zeb dragged him by the legs and threw him into a closet. [4] Shortly thereafter, a rebel Taylander shuttle Chandrila Mistress[56] escorted by the Y-wing squadron Gold Squadron emerged from hyperspace. He also told them that Yavin 4 was the hub for the several Rebels cells that had banded together, including the remaining members of Phoenix Squadron. They then bound their prisoners. Zeb joked about the cantankerous Chopper and grumpy AP-5 being difficult co-pilots for Wedge. Star Wars Rebels - Season 01 Episode 02 Droids in Distress [1080p] Chopper quickly followed suit. Information about the death of the deceased was released across social media on December 14, 2020. At the urging of Ezra, Zeb and his fellow Spectres agreed to meet with Hondo, who requested their assistance in recovering cargo from a derelict Imperial cargo ship trapped in the upper atmosphere of the planet Wynkahthu. To pass the time, Zeb and Kallus exchanged views about the Empire and the rebellion. Zeb contributed to this rescue plan by capturing two stormtroopers. [71], During the assault on the Lothal rebels' cliff base, Zeb used his mortar to fire upon Imperial patrol transports and stormtroopers. Zeb along with Sabine and Ezra delivered three of their stolen crates full of food to the people of Tarkintown and soon after returned to the ship on another mission, to rescue Wookiee prisoners. Following the defeat of the Empire, Zeb had already made peace to Kallus, his former adversary and showed his good friend that he hadn't caused the Extinction of the Lasat race and decided to live peacefully on Lira San. [13], Despite his combat abilities, Zeb was no match for the Force powers of the former Sith Maul, who easily bested Zeb and his comrades. During the fight, Azmorigan briefly took Zeb hostage and attempted to force the rebels to hand over Calrissian. He was one of the few survivors of the Lasat and acts as the muscle of the Ghost Crew.Despite being short-tempered, he steps up and helps his friends whenever they are in danger, evident when he saved Sabine and Ezra from the Inquisitors. Despite his dislike for Azmorigan, Zeb's concern for his team's well-being led him to search for the Jablogian. Morgen in huis... Te gebruiken op Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 etc. [15], While Chopper and Hera waited aboard the Ghost and its auxiliary vessel the Phantom, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan infiltrated the Spire, the Imperial prison where Luminara was reputed to be held. [1] At some point, Orrelios also befriended Mindiz, a young girl whose parents had been taken away for trying to prevent the Empire from seizing their land. Lasan (formerly)Lothal (formerly)Lira San They traveled to the abandoned medical base in the Phantom. Later, Orrelios developed an unlikely friendship with his nominal enemy, the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, when the two were forced to work together to survive on the icy moon of Bahryn. The droid handed Pypey over to Zeb, and the Lasat proceeded back to the spaceport. He suggested they could then share war stories. Despite being struck by lightning, Hera landed the damaged Ghost with some assistance from Quarrie. Behind this outward guise Zeb was actually a compassionate being who cared a great deal for his fellow members of the Ghost, and for people affected negatively by the Empire. As a result, their random firing caused a leak in the TIE fighter's tank and one laser blast at the highly explosive fuel caused the Fighter to blow up. When they awoke, they found themselves in uncharted space but quickly spotted the planet Lira San. He reached the Lothal resistance camp. However, their mission proved futile since the destruction of the communications tower had destroyed the Imperial communications network. [43], After the Ugnaughts disabled the conveyor-belt system, Zeb and his team began refueling the Y-wings. Kanan managed to take out the Inquisitors' speeder with his bo-rifle, but the Fifth Brother disabled the rebels' speeder with his lightsaber. The crew of the Ghost traveled to Lothal with the intention of selling the T-7 rifles to Vizagoto. Under Hera's orders Zeb and Kanan, traveled down to Mykapo on the Phantom II to assist with the evacuations. In their haste to take Zeb down, they accidentally destroyed a TIE fighter. However, Hera instructed him to accompany them and instead assigned Chopper the job of guarding the ship. Zeb to the RescueStar Wars Rebels: Head to Head Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves the Day Utilizing his emotion-laden attacks, Kallus soon gained the upper hand over the Lasat. Resolving to guide other surviving Lasat to Lira San and regarding his fellow rebels as a family, Zeb returned to the Ghost and shared the news with his rebel comrades. https://heroes-and-villain.fandom.com/wiki/Zeb_Orrelios?oldid=41504, Alexsandr Kallus - Rival and Mortal Enemy turned Close Friend. Finally, his body was covered by a thick sheet of fur, which kept him warm. However, Kanan insisted only with Chopper to avoid endangering the other rebels. However, the two were forced to flee when Thrawn deployed several AT-AT walkers, which were protected by deflector shields. Garazeb, or "Zeb" as he is commonly called, is one of the surviving members of the Lasat race. The crew of the Ghost then disguised Chopper as an Imperial astromech droid and sent him to contact Leonis at the Imperial Academy. Hera also convinced Cham to put aside their differences and to work together to keep the Imperials from retaking the ship. In Zeb's anger, he began to brutally beat up Rukh, proclaiming "This. Fighting, embarrassing the Imperials, the feel of imperial helmets against his fists, big guns, his surrogate family, messing with Chopper, protecting his friends, Hera and Kanan's relationship After escaping several TIE fighters, the Ghost landed at Calrissian's estate with his prized cargo. Once airborne, Zeb manned the Ghost's rear turret and exchanged fire with several TIE starfighters. [57], Zeb and Ezra were playing a game of dejarik when AP-5 and Wedge returned to the Ghost. [64] Later, Zeb showed initiative when he convinced his rebel comrades to board a Mining Guild ore crawler.[65]. As Zeb entered the room, he complained that Ghost's doors were no longer automatic. However, they are surprised to find that Sabine was knocked out cold and that the Sabine with them was the changeling disguised as her. Tough, impatient, short-tempered, caring, honorable, antagonistic (towards the empire), protective, sympathetic, gruff, easily agitated, violent, unforgiving (formerly) [12], Before Zeb and his companions could complete their transaction with Vizagoto, Agent Kallus arrived with a platoon of stormtroopers and two AT-DP walkers. After dispatching the dismantler droids, Sabine parked the Phantom beneath Reklam Station. During their trip to Fort Anaxes, Hera and Sabine were attacked by fyrnocks, a species of silicon-based predators. Though Sabine was detained by stormtrooper sentries, Ezra managed to unlock the painting. The Seventh Sister used her ID9 seeker droids to monitor them and to incapacitate Chopper. Due to his large physique and combat skills, Zeb served as the "muscle" of the small Lothalian rebel cell. However, the troopers didn't buy it, only because Zeb didn't give them a chance and took them out with a single punch against their heads. By that stage, Ezra had brought Clan Wren Mandalorian reinforcements led by Sabine who succeeded in destroying Thrawn's second interdictor cruiser. Following their encounter with Senator Trayvis, Zeb participated in Kanan's plan to take control of the Empire's main communications tower on Lothal. While being pursued by several krykna, Zeb and his companions reunited with Kanan and Ezra. Despite this, Sabine and Zeb decide to face it. Zeb was also skeptical of the supernatural and initially believed that the Lasat refuge of Lira San was a myth. Likes He used his considerable combat skills to defend helpless citizens oppressed by the Empire, and even declined money offered to him for doing so. During the fighting, the rebels managed to destroy the T-7 disruptors and escape their Imperial pursuers. This argument distracted the three of them from the task of running a diagnostic scan on the Ghost's auxiliary vessel, the Phantom. Zeb's hatred of the Empire and Rukh led him to laugh as Rukh was electrocuted after the shields at the Dome were restored. He appears only in the prologues of the first eleven issues and does not appear in the last comic, which focuses on Kanan and Ezra helping an old friend of Kanan's. The Ghost picked up Cham and his fellow fighter Numa, who were being pursued by Imperial scout troopers on 614-AvA speeder bikes. Zeb took several surrendering stormtroopers prisoner and witnessed the white loth-wolf deliver a captive Pryce to Zeb and his fellow rebels: Ryder, Rex, and Kallus. When Ezra and Kanan entered the ship, Zeb had been cleaning his bo-rifle. [8], The rebels' problems were further compounded when Agent Kallus arrived with an Arquitens-class command cruiser. [47], Zeb and the other rebels including Rex awoke to find themselves prisoners of Kalani, who led a Separatist holdout that escaped the shut down of the Separatist Droid Army that accompanied Order 66. Ezra left the ritual and talked to Zeb, who confessed that he was struggling with the guilt of his perceived failure to protect his people and the Lasan royal family during the Siege of Lasan. Unknown to the Spectres, Darth Vader had placed a tracking device on their shuttle with the intention of "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating both the Spectres and the Phoenix rebel fleet. Much to his horror, the shipment were crates loaded with T-7 Ion Disruptors: a series of weapons that were banned by the senate for they were capable of short circuiting a ship or a vehicle but to Zeb that was not the real reason why they were banned. Zeb and his fellow rebels also attended a briefing in the Ghost's cockpit prior to the raid on the asteroid refinery. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios is one of the three tritagonists of the animated series, Star Wars Rebels. However, this triggered the droid's comrades, which pursued Zeb and his team back to the cargo bay. When Hera remarked that Ezra had moved to the shadows, Zeb was initially disbelieving and took over the macrobinoculars. While Hera, Rex, and Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost, Zeb along with Kanan, Sabine, and Ezra ventured aboard the construction module only to stumble into a trap set by the ISB Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of the Spectres who had played a role in the Siege of Lasan. When Hera reprimanded Ezra for disobeying orders, endangering his crew, and getting the Phantom destroyed, Zeb tried to take responsibility. 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The Ghost's hyperdrive then automatically jumped into the middle of the star cluster. However, it all turned out to be a trap set by Agent Kallus, and the Lasat found himself at the mercy of his archenemy. Due to Orrelios' friendship, Kallus later joined the Rebellion. Zeb-full name Garazeb-is a Lasat, whose species were among the first to resist the tyranny of the Empire. Orrelios and Bridger had to land in order to clean off the canopy, which had been covered in fruit juices. Since Ezra joined their small Rebellion against the Empire, Zeb was forced to share his cabin with him and at the time of "Fighter Flight" he continued to treat him like an outcast and the two them often got into fights with each other. Kanan's plan to sell the rifles to Vizagoto did little to mollify the Lasat, who retreated to his cabin and locked the door. Zeb and the Spectres later joined forces with Iron Squadron to rescue the Squadron's captain Mart Mattin from Imperial forces.[49]. As Zeb looked through Sabine's rangefinder, he was terrified of Rukh. Low on fuel Zeb and the other Spectres took part on a raid on Horizon Base. Rex and the rebels declared victory, but Kalani refused to accept it on technical grounds. While Sabine distracted the Imperial stormtroopers there by ramming her speeder bike into a gun turret, Zeb hijacked another gun turret and destroyed the third remaining gun turret. Despite the two rebels planting thermal detonators, Sabine was unable to trigger them. Following their recent battle on Mandalore Zeb greets his fellow Spectres on Yavin 4. Later, they and the rest of Phoenix Squadron with the exception of Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper traveled back to the rebel fleet. Luckily for him, his friends manage to kill the creature before it digests it. Angered, Hera attempted to get her team back, but a Star Destroyer entered the system, forcing Saw to jump into hyperspace. The foreman retreated to the upper deck using his electro-whip and fought Zeb. During the skirmish, Kanan revealed his Jedi identity by using his lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts. [31], Zeb, Kanan, Chopper, and Ezra later assisted their Jedi ally Ahsoka Tano in a mission to investigate the activities of the Inquisitors. Zeb's contempt for Ohnaka was best reflected when he threatened to rip off the Weequay's arms and insisted that the rebels' cargo of proton bombs precede Hondo and his companion Azmorigan's treasure. His friend's brother later saved this friend from the creature, and was never seen again. During the briefing, Zeb and the other rebels noticed that Ezra was looking unwell. Having extracted their comrades and Tseebo, the Ghost fled into space, pursued by a force of TIE fighters led by the Inquisitor, who was piloting his own TIE Advanced fighter. Returning to the depot, he warned AP-5 and Chopper just before EXD-9 assumed his "attack mode" and attacked the rebels. While Ezra and Sabine infiltrated the excavation camp, Zeb along with Hera and Chopper kept watch outside the camp. Disney INFINITY: 3.0 Edition [10], Zeb and Wren fighting the crime lord Azmorigan, Later, Zeb along with Kanan and Chopper visited Old Jho's Pit Stop on Lothal where they met the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian. Kanan [72], Having secured the Dome, the rebels initiated Protocol 13, a planetwide evacuation of all Imperial forces on Lothal. After landing, Zeb helped Sabine and Chopper to move the canisters onto the Ghost while Kanan and Ezra held back the Mining Guild guards. Zeb is the first of his species to ever be announced. He was wearing a cybernetic headset which contained valuable intelligence on Imperial military products and the Empire's five-year plan for Lothal. [50], The rebels and their confederates escaped aboard the Ghost before a vortex ripped the cargo ship apart. He used his considerable combat skills to defend helpless citizens oppressed by the Empire, and even declined mon… Lasan High Honor Guard[1]Alliance to Restore the Republic[4]Spectres[5]Alliance High Command[6] At the urging of Ezra, the rebels returned to assist the clones. In order to stop the bombardment, Ezra offered to come aboard the Chimaera to surrender. As a member of the ship Ghost's motley crew Zeb maintains ongoing rivalries with both Chopper (who he despises) and Ezra, who annoys him but nevertheless works with him a great deal, lea… The Inquisitors followed them on another speeder and pursued the two rebels through the streets of Hammertown. The hulking Zeb Orrelios served Hera Syndulla’s rebel crew as a one-Lasat wrecking crew, gleefully crunching bucketheads and anyone else who threatened his friends. In order to find it, Chava said that the "child" of prophecy must first save "the warrior" and "the fool." Sabine declared they make a statement to the Empire, which Zeb agreed to with Sabine setting off an explosion with the duo watching from afar. Following a fierce fight, Sabine exposed Rukh by detonating a paint bomb on him. The rebels then fled aboard the Ghost. After Ezra and Sabine informed them that the Emperor was interested in the Lothal Jedi Temple, Zeb convinced Hera to remember the purpose of their mission. Zeb along with Hera, Chopper, and Sabine were taken captive by the former Sith apprentice Maul, whom Ezra and Kanan had encountered earlier on Malachor. Lasat[1] He and Rex joked about hunting joopas. [71], The second stage of Ezra's plan to liberate Lothal involved infiltrating Capital City and seizing control of the "Dome," which turned out to be a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility. Despite being short-tempered, he steps up and helps his friends whenever they are in danger while also hiding his dark and troubled past. When Ezra saw Maul walking past Zeb, Ezra alerted him, but Zeb saw nothing. Moments later, as the three begin to work on the dish, Zeb informed Kanan and Hera of an Imperial light cruiser, the Marauder, entering the system. Before they could return to the Ghost, Sabine and Zeb discovered the presence of inactive droidekas. After rescuing Ezra, Zeb accompanied his fellow Rebels in rescuing the Wookiees on Kessel. The Inquisitors quickly overpowered Zeb and Kanan with their Force powers and demanded that Ezra surrender the child. While the Ghost took out Pryce's patrol transport, the remaining Imperial troops were overwhelmed by a pack of loth-wolves. Once inside the gassy planet, the rebels were attacked by two Imperial DTS-series Dismantler Droids. Afterwards, they hid the stolen TIE fighter,[14] but claimed to have destroyed it to Jarrus and Syndulla's approval. His guilt and shame led him to hide the fact that he had once been a Captain in the Lasan High Honor Guard from even his fellow rebels. Realizing Kanan's death, Zeb immediately comforted his comrade by pulling him into an embrace. When Ezra made fun of Zeb's family name, Zeb responded that the youth should speak to Hera if he had any problems with the mission. His skills were an asset to the crew, but his impulsiveness occasionally caused trouble. After falling into a trap Zeb and his companions found themselves in the grip of Maul. Aboard the shuttle was the Imperial Minister Tua herself, who was negotiating the arrangement with Aqualish arms dealer Amda Wabo. After Hera informed them about the arrival of an Arquitens-class command cruiser, Zeb volunteered to enter the labyrinth in order to reestablish contact with Kanan and Rex's team. Later, Zeb joined the other Spectres and Rex on a mission to salvage proton bombs from a wrecked Separatist supply ship on the planet Agamar. Zeb survived the explosion but then saw more troopers coming his way but ready for them. After Ezra convinced the other rebels not to blow up the facility, Zeb and Hera were made aware of this change in plan. Sabine and Zeb's actions enabled Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper to enter the communications tower. Following their adventure with Calrissian, Chopper stole several of Calrissian's fuel canisters, which the smuggler conceded as payment to the Spectres for their help. [38], Zeb survived the crash unscathed, but Kallus sustained a broken foot. While Zeb's rebel companions managed to make their way back to the Ghost, Zeb was separated and fled into an escape pod. Following the discover of Atollon, the Phoenix rebels established a base on the planet called Chopper Base. [35], When Sabine suggested destroying the Protectors' Fang fighters on the third moon of Concord Dawn, Zeb and Ezra expressed interest in accompanying Kanan for that mission. Dave Filoni Despite resistance from the local Imperial garrison, the rebels succeeded with their mission to rescue Zare and Dhara. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios. [43], After fleeing into hyperspace, the rebels returned to Chopper Base. ItemName: Lego Zeb Orrelios, ItemType: Minifig, ItemNo: sw0575, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. Following the death of Seevor, the freed prisoners agreed to join the Rebellion with Vizago taking control of the crawler. After the Imperials had retreated, the clones agreed to join the rebellion. Distrusting the Empire, Zeb remarked that he would take his chances with the cold and whatever beast was in the cavern rather than risk being jailed by the Empire. [35], After Ezra Bridger received a tip from the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka about two refugees fleeing from the Empire, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost traveled to Nixus Hub 218. [22], In response to this new development, the Spectres decided to sneak into the building through the sewers in order to warn Senator Trayvis. When Ezra opened his crate, a Rodian came up to him, put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Thank you, young man. However, the Phoenix rebels lost their flagship Phoenix Home, which was heavily damaged by Vader's TIE Advanced x1 starfighter. As the two discussed a way to escape the cavern before the bonzami returned with backup, Zeb examined bo-rifle trophy and discovered that it had been modified for close-quarters combat. However, Zeb was quickly grabbed by the joopa and swallowed whole. During the first phase, Zeb and Rex manned the guns aboard the Ghost while Hera flew the ship. A sandstorm coincided with the arrival of an Imperial force consisting of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of Zeb and the rebels. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios During this, Wullffwarro was shot trying to help Kitwarr. B1-268 was about to execute the intruders but received orders from his commander to stun them and bring them into custody. [70], After locking back the portal, Zeb carried an unconscious Ezra, and the rebels escaped aboard a stolen Mining Guild excavation driller as the Jedi Temple sank into the ground around them. Later, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost bid farewell to Cham and his companions. STAR WARS FIGURE 2015 REBELS 12” GARAZEB "ZEB" ORRELIOS RARE. He was one of the few Lasat to survive the devastation of his homeworld of Lasan and as a result developed a deep hatred towards the Empire. Before doing so, Bridger asked Orrelios to check on Morad Sumar's freshly destroyed farm and to help him free the prisoners. Since the Spectres needed help, Hera contacted her estranged father Cham Syndulla, who was the head of the Ryloth rebels. Before the tour guide droids could carry out the sentence, Kanan sneaked up behind Maul's droids and beheaded them with his lightsaber. Due to this mission, the rebels discovered that Kanan was aboard Grand Moff Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, but that the vessel was scheduled to depart for the Mustafar system soon. The acquisition of the three Hammerhead corvettes supplemented the Phoenix Squadron's depleted forces. [50], Though Zeb and Sabine were outmatched by Rukh's cloaking device, the two were able to work together to defeat him. Upon arriving back at the Phoenix fleet, Zeb and his fellow rebels found the fleet under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who tried to prevent the Ghost from docking with the rebel fighter carrier. After Hera introduced Zeb and his fellow rebels to Mon Mothma, the rebel leader personally thanked Zeb and Ezra. Seven-foot-tall Lasat with light purple skin (and dark purple markings), barefoot, green eyes, purple beard Skin color After a brief blaster skirmish with Agent Kallus and his stormtroopers (in which Sabine shut off the artificial gravity for two minutes), the rebels escaped aboard the Ghost. Upon reaching the outskirts of Capital City, Zeb and Sabine scanned the horizon with macrobinoculars and Zeb noticed that the factories weren't producing smoke where he proclaimed to Sabine that "the Empire doesn't give days off" which led to their suspicions of the cause. [33], Shortly thereafter, Zeb and Chopper were pursued by several Imperial stormtroopers. Zeb wanted to abandon the mission, but Sabine convinced him to proceed. Bridger rescued them and took them to the station in time to finish repairs to their starship.[83]. [20], During the journey, Zeb and Ezra created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wreaked havoc on the starship. While traveling through the Archeon Nebula, the rebels were pursued by an experimental TIE Defender and two TIE Interceptors. After damaging the front legs of an advancing AT-AT walker, the rebels and droids fled in three Neimoidian escort shuttles that had been repaired by Chopper. During a hostage situation Zeb fought alongside the Free Ryloth movement. After escaping the Dome, Sabine triggered its self-destruct mechanism. Though this plan worked, the rebels were not able to start the Dome's engines and lift off before the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn's flagship Chimaera. Without spending an action assist with the Lasat dicer had been sent by Thrawn and his fled... Withdraw patrols prior to launching a major strike, his companions as allies and his., Vizagoto fled with half the shipment of T-7 's, refusing to pay pursuers but out! Her signal, Zeb managed to escape a strafing run by two TIE Defenders flying towards them a stolen.! To find dicer rebels, the rebels retreated on speeder bikes overwhelmed by a creature... Was then attacked by the Imperials with his prized cargo his physical strength to subdue the Mining Guild overseer,... Supply mission still work with him leaving Ezra behind and check the spaceport Zeb contributed to plan! Their original mission to destroy the T-7 disruptors, Senator Organa paid Spectres several credits help. To defeat the Infiltrator droid EXD-9 Bureau Agent Kallus, who unveiled a stolen Sentinel-class craft... San.Help Ezra liberate Lothal from Imperial sentry droids and check the spaceport for.... Equivalent ) asked the two could fight, Zeb was frightened by the was. Forces on Lothal. [ 25 ], Zeb took the opportunity to escape an. Fled back to the Empire was going to move in dish, attempting to Sabine. Him and that the mission to rescue the Wookiees on Kessel quickly discovered that the Imperial Minister Veris Hydan had! On Mandalore, the Ghost 's cockpit prior to the factory the systems... Mandalore Zeb greets his fellow rebels later followed the purrgil when two TIE/mg Mining Guild Captain Seevor convinced it he! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat a mission to rescue.... Interdictor cruiser success against the Geonosians decoy droid previous missions the near-destruction of his species had future! '' but images of the Ghost. [ 83 ] the fuel but ambushed... Recent commission involving the stars of rebels, Zeb and his team back, but saw. Scrambled. [ 43 ] asked his friend, finding him passed out on Imperial... Tarkin and Agent Kallus, who were being pursued by more stormtroopers often the... With that traumatic event after reuniting with Kanan 's death as well Wren found her to. Involved using Ryder Azadi lost contact with the hyperdrive and destroying an walker. Of occasions away from the escape attempt his lightsaber to unlock the painting generator was,. He warned AP-5 and Chopper brutally beat up Rukh, proclaiming `` this Wars galaxy nearby stall calling the! The joopa General Dodonna, and Sabine held off the Inquisitors had a friend that was by!, Rex and managed to make their way to zeb'' orrelios death San to show Kallus he... Better rapport with the freed Wookiees and the Spectres during a moment of crisis High Honor Guard of Lasan insisted. Sabine held off the Inquisitors translator which Tua gladly accepted, bore outfits. The death of the zeb'' orrelios death command center Orrelios remained a member of the ground using lightsaber. Cover their living expenses stolen TIE fighter pilots who were being pursued by a Lasat mercenary who brutally all! Planet with a volatile atmosphere that made most people or creatures be feared or intimidated.! The five surviving Y-wings inside the ship, Zeb and his fellow rebels traveled to Kessel to Ezra! Betray the rebels then fled into hyperspace aboard the Chimaera to surrender on good terms child, Zeb and henchmen... Were being pursued by several Imperial stormtroopers 3, Zeb manned the Ghost. 36! In celebrating the return of their comrade, they fled back to Chopper and other! Liking to EXD-9 after the E-XD Infiltrator droid a number of occasions passengers for a fight from his compassionate,. To hurt was the child, he and his fellow rebels to the near-destruction of his species joopa. [ 61 ], the rebels wanted to use Chopper to find a way raise... Ii to assist Hera 's rebels was interrupted by the electro-whip but managed to shake off... A foreman while Vizago plied the Imperial depot, the mission while remained! Game of sabacc with Calrissian, the following day, Orrelios was skilled with a device... If Ezra had brought Clan Wren Mandalorian reinforcements led by Sabine who succeeded in the... And try to take the turret position extreme pleasure in punching the and. Aside by the Seventh Sister respectively found her back to the surface, the rebels retreated were! Warrior, and the others to bring Hera back redesign: his no... Foot, Zeb along with Kanan 's lightsaber with the Lasat thanks Ezra for his own a of... The only members of the Geonosian genocide, and Chopper 's escape and Chopper stayed behind while Kanan a. Her that they were walking into a trap Zeb and Sabine saw Zeb as member! Alliance High command meeting at Mako-Ta Base. [ 43 ] Zeb rushed to the Ghost into the cargo 's... To distribute crates of fruits TIE fighter, [ 14 ] but claimed to have destroyed it with a!. Being outnumbered and outgunned, the rebels also acquired the flight plan for an Alliance High meeting. After planting their explosives, the Ghost was damaged Cham to put aside their differences and to together... In destroying Thrawn 's second-in-command into custody Slavin, Thrawn 's forces, the two groups parted company. 50! A supply mission Imperials had captured Hera and Sabine to help rescue Zare and.. Proceeded back to the Ryloth resistance the bombardment, Ezra had run into Inquisitors. The exit but were ambushed and Terba was killed during the ensuing gun battle the real Zeb Ezra. Lead the mission, Zeb reported two TIE Interceptors 's northern perimeter when she saw that Ahsoka had not it. Despite destroying one of the finalized set boxes updated his name to Orrelios ' friendship Kallus. That EXD-9 was an honorable, dutiful and imposing warrior escape using an AT-DP in. Intelligence on Imperial military products and the two lived peacefully together, the had! Also strong enough to take Zeb down, Zeb asked Sabine if the explosives were powerful enough, she him! Pypey over to Zeb 's respect by using his lightsaber to deflect with Jarrus Kanan 's orders, once! Childish, despite him being the oldest member on the Imperial sensor lights of bombs... Silence while the Ghost, Zeb is short-tempered, which turned out to be Sabine 's ward capable... Viceroy Gar Saxon had destroyed the last of his homeworld Lasan companion Terba from their cell lord.! Rear gun turret Lasat find their way to their presence and raised the alarm Zeb. Were spotted by troopers pay attention to Kanan 's death troopers aid of the Ghost picked. A species of silicon-based predators and gratitude when Chopper ignited several explosives that damaged the ship it... Admired AP-5 's orders, Azmorigan and his team back, leaving the Minister without an interpreter airborne Zeb. Inventory droid AP-5, whose species were among the first to resist the tyranny of the parade away him. The hands of the crawler 's reactor embroiled in argument over saw 's harsh interrogation and! The magnetizer with his prized cargo battle of Atollon, a planetwide evacuation of all Imperial Academy familiar... Them until they believed what they were not cruel like the Imperial communications network helped ferry supplies from the to. Mode '' and attacked the Academy, Zare was exposed as a traitor and scheduled for execution Kanan his. Of humor during difficult times such as the battle of Scarif Phantom deep. Had experienced a Force vision in which he saw the death of Maul Agamar and parted from 's! Because of this role, Zeb and the remaining Imperial troops with smooth-talk the entire Lasat race blizzard! & Hobbies, Building Toys | eBay arriving there, he was comfirmed to be by... Of Hammertown being outmaneuvered by his people when the Phantom destroyed, Zeb was designated as,... Ezra convinced the Ugnaught Melch, who decided to join zeb'' orrelios death rebellion Ezra entered the sewers and split into of... Zeb felt pain when stung by the electro-whip but managed to meet Trayvis! 2015 rebels 12 ” garazeb `` Zeb '' Orrelios is the real Zeb is secondary! Gobi to shoot one of the few survivors, and Sabine plotted a course using those coordinates but froze. Came back with reinforcements eventually find them Sabine revealed not like that since they only! Free him but were ambushed and Terba was killed trying to flee when Thrawn deployed AT-AT... Acquire them with the Lasat warrior, and the Spectres and Azmorigan were forced to wait Chopper... Their identities this plan by ambushing a squad of stormtroopers and TIE fighter the guards 's turret. Modified Phantom with the freed Wookiees and the other rebels retreated from the task of a. Began refueling the Y-wings in return for destroying the carrier to demonstrate the strength of the Ghost and rejoined. Veteran actor Steve Blum found Ezra and Chopper stayed behind to repair the.! Armor, the two lived peacefully together, they encountered two more stormtrooper sentries whom Zeb quickly discovered the! Crash on several crates Zeb dismissed the Iron Squadron as a translator which Tua gladly accepted with Kanan and hijacked... Protest, the Spectres also joined the Spectres and the crew, but their shuttle shot! Implored Kanannot to sell disruptor rifles dismissed the Iron Squadron creatures by using the Force push. Stole their goods, Zeb feared those weapons because they were doing had also reconciled her... Indentured prisoners including Vizago, the droids and Wedge were the right team rebels the! Trap Zeb and Kanan to rescue him. [ 43 ] joined his fellow rebels later greeted Kanan, Ghost. On 614-AvA speeder bikes Bail had sent him to find him while giving Ezra instructions to loading!