Darth Sidious is definitely one of the most infamous villains of the Star Wars Universe, ceding to Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul. The 6-inch scale Black Series figure is detailed to look like the Cad Bane character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation. [24] Bane was first mentioned in The Phantom Menace novel as the creator of the Rule of Two. The Lord of Betrayal styled herself as Darth Traya, whilst her apprentices, consumed by darkness, took up the names Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion. He was able to force Andeddu's holocron to reveal to him knowledge that the holocron's gatekeeper was actively attempting to keep from him, and was skilled enough to attempt the deadly ritual of essence transfer.[2]. Sirak begged for mercy, claiming that if Bane spared him, the Zabrak would serve him. As Bane headed upwards, he sensed Zannah's presence. Bane, as he had been christened, quickly became one of the best students at the Academy before he lost his faith in the dark side of the Force. Furthermore, his immense power in the dark side of the Force made it such that he almost never needed to sleep except when pushed to extreme exhaustion. The gatekeeper for Bane's holocron was his own orbalisk-clad likeness. [5], Despite his bond with the dark side of the Force, Bane did have feelings for Githany when the two were pupils on Korriban. The Cygnus Spaceworks vessel could be flown by one pilot, which Bane used to his advantage in 980 BBY when he made a trip to the Deep Core planet Prakith without informing his apprentice. ], Later Sith Lords of the Jedi Civil War era also used the title Darth, as did the founding Sith Lord of the Light and Darkness War, Darth Ruin, though there were few later Sith bearing the title until the rise of Darth Rivan and Darth Bane. Bane was sent tumbling down a staircase as Kas'im advanced, ready to deliver the killing blow. Many, many people are trapped, held hostage, killed, tortured, and executed, and Bruce Wayne himself is injured in painful, nearly irreparable ways. [1], After Githany left, Bane realized that she had tricked him and she had used a lesser poison to cover a far more powerful toxin on her lips—synox. [1], For a time, Bane flew the starship Valcyn, a T-class long-range personal cruiser that had originally belonged to Qordis. This article needs appropriate citations. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, ten years after the destruction of the Brotherhood, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Scrapbook, Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, Champions of the Force (Star Wars Miniatures), Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Special Edition, Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook, Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Heroes and Villains Flip Book, Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 21, Episode Commentary #3.17: Ghosts of Mortis, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Expanded Visual Dictionary, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded. Until he gets to Onderon, he intends to resurrect the Brotherhood. An orbital blockade sustained by the Sith battle armada kept Jedi reinforcements from landing on the planet. [1], Meanwhile, Kaan, fearful of Bane and his intentions, dispatched Kas'im from Ruusan to kill his former student. Darth Vader was renown to be one of the best duelists in Star Wars' galactic history, before and after his transition into the suit. Height There are two conflicting sources for this article: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction and Jedi vs Sith. As Bane charged forward, ready to attack, Zannah played her trump card, creating deadly dark side tendrils. He did this not because he feared death, but simply because he believed that Zannah was too weak to claim his title. Dessel mutinied and punched Ulabore in the face, knocking him out cold, and then proceeded to lead the squad into battle. In addition, he received private lessons in the ways of the dark side, and excelled. It was also taken to signify giving up one's old life. Darth Bane was able … Darth Bane imparted his beliefs, particularly his theory of rule of the strong, to Zannah. By creating a system that allowed for the existence of only two Sith Lords at any one time, Bane believed that he could keep the Sith strong and safe from the Jedi. However, the Blademaster split his double-bladed lightsaber, wielding it as two separate blades. In 990 BBY, ten years after the destruction of the Brotherhood, Bane sought to learn how to create a holocron, through which he would pass down his knowledge to future Sith Lords. The Sith: Darth Bane > Thousands of others > Darth Plagueis > Darth Sidious > Darths Maul, Tyranus, and Vader > Savage Oppress, Asajj Ventress, and Ashoka Tano, respectively. [1], During this time, a Jedi deserter named Githany arrived, and Bane saw his chance to reclaim his place among the other students. Amongst the Sith Lords who held the title of Darth long before the time of Darth Sidious' successful conquest of the galaxy was Darth Andeddu, a hoarder of Sith lore. Died Guided by another vision of hers, the two headed to Ambria. She had befriended a Bouncer named Laa, who helped protect her. Upon entering, he was attacked by members of the cult Malevolence, dedicated to the long-dead Andeddu. Bane chastised Krayt for not following the Rule of Two, telling Krayt his new Rule of One would be the very undoing of the Sith itself. [15], In the year 20 BBY,[16] the Grand Master of the Jedi Order Yoda traveled to Korriban on a journey to learn the gift of manifesting life after death. Irate, Hurst beat him until his ribs cracked, although Dessel withstood the pain without sound. In response, the parasites released a deadly poison that threatened to kill Bane. Many Sith Lords chose to add "Darth" to their name, so much so that the word is considered synonymous with the dark side of the Force in some circles. Bane countered that his apprentice was not ready, and was unworthy of the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. She returned these feelings, and Bane sought to make her his apprentice after becoming convinced that the Brotherhood was irrevocably flawed. [15], In 4 ABY, however, the Sith's victory was undone when Darth Vader, who redeemed himself back into the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, killed Sidious during the Battle of Endor to save his son Luke Skywalker before expiring from his injuries, bringing Bane's established Sith lineage to an end. [19] Like Bane,[2] Sidious was able to learn the power of transfer essence and used it to survive his first death to then transfer his spirit into fresh clone bodies he could use to rule a new empire to fight against the New Republic. Darth Vader is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. [1], Strengthened by their pain, Bane was able to hold off the poison long enough to locate the healer Caleb, who had come to the planet to help the victims of a recent battle. Darth Bane è un signore oscuro dei Sith vissuto mille anni prima degli eventi della trilogia prequel. The Sith sorcery he learned from Nadd's holocron was admittedly beyond the scope of Bane's abilities,[5] although the stolen ritual of essence transfer from Andeddu's device was well within. On the return trip, Bane accessed the holocron, but found that the gatekeeper was unwilling to teach him how to live on after death. The Rule of Two is his legacy, and that by itself is enough to warrant a spot on this list. He possessed great telekinetic power, and could easily shatter his opponent's Force shield, as he did with Fohargh. Upon finding her, Bane sensed her Force potential, as well as the anger inside her. [1], One day, when Dessel was eighteen, a drunk Hurst berated him until Dessel stood up to his father and challenged him to a fight. The Jedi archivist Restelly Quist wrote about Bane in the Jedi training manual The Jedi Path. However, before Bane could kill him, Zannah used the dark side to cause his hand to explode. He was able to make it to the tomb and immediately began searching it. Kaan agreed to Bane's plan, and at nightfall, Bane met the others atop a cliff overlooking the forest where the Jedi were hiding. He was careful to always instruct his apprentice to cause these groups to be defeated, as while he wanted the Republic distracted and weakened, he did not want one of these separatist groups gaining enough power to overthrow the Republic itself. Bane had also created a holocron which held all of his knowledge, and, posing as a simple collector, the Dark Lord had acquired a great number of Sith artifacts. Though he attempted to strengthen himself by drinking in the suffering of those who died on a battlefield on Ambria, the dark side was too faint on the planet. He also kept a vibroblade in his boot. One of Dessel's few friends was Groshik, the Neimoidian owner of the local cantina. Believing Bane to be a threat, Kaan agreed and she left to meet with her former love interest. Onboard the drexl, Bane attacked the Riders, slaughtering them and their mounts. Bane's own construction, created some point before 980 BBY, was a small, pyramid-shaped device that contained all of his knowledge, which he planned to pass down to future Dark Lords in his Sith Order. Darth Sidious, who conquered the galaxy by becoming a duly elected Chancellor and successfully enacting the Grand Plan of the Sith Lords. In addition, Zannah did not back down from Bane, and proclaimed herself to be a killer. Qordis was horrified that Bane had killed one of the Academy's most skilled students. In addition, Bane was able to easily resist Skere Kaan's mind tricks, while the other Dark Lords in the Brotherhood were unable to do so. [2], Darth Bane with his apprentice, Darth Zannah, One afternoon, Bane—under the guise of a wealthy merchant named "Sepp Omek"—arranged a meeting with Argel Tenn, an authority on Sith artifacts, at a local cantina. Where Bane had been sure of victory only just moments before, his inexperience put him at a severe disadvantage, and he quickly lost his momentum. [1], Once again under the gaze of the Academy Masters, Bane was summoned by Qordis, who revealed to the apprentice that he had been aware for some time that Githany was teaching him. Though they were outnumbered, the Sith were able to gain the upper hand, thanks to the ferocity of Bane's fighting style and the advantages accorded him by his orbalisk armor. This revelation left a lasting impression on Bane. Bane was unable to keep them away, and two of them attached to his skin (square in the chest and the back of his left shoulder). Gender [10] There is still the possibility that one of the Rakatan theories could be correct, since the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban had once been occupied by the Rakata (circa 28,000 BBY), which is one way either the Daritha or darr tah term could have entered the ancient Sith language. The mercenaries had fought for the Sith, only to abandon the cause after Kaan led his troops into the cave. The sole survivor, Darth Bane, takes an apprentice and goes on to create the Rule of Two, allowing the Sith to continue existing in secret for almost a millennium. Bane led the Sith in a ritual designed to concentrate the power of the dark side in one being—Bane—and unleash its power on the Jedi. Caleb notified the Jedi Council, only to have Zannah use her powers to drive Caleb's assistant Darovit insane. Bane developed a slightly altered style with his unique weapon, the subtleties of which were recognized by only the most experienced weapon handlers. Once he made his way to the temple, Bane began searching for any dark side relics. His holocron still imparted wisdom through the years. In the archives, Bane was attacked by Sirak and his allies Llokay and Yevra. Affiliation(s) Though he did not know it at the time, he had unconsciously used the Force. At the height of its rule, the Galactic Republic was governed by a body of Senators representing the many worlds of the galaxy. After returning from Prakith, Bane was ambushed by a team of assassins hired by Caleb's daughter, Serra, and was captured. Realizing her strength in the Force, and her determination to become a Sith, he accepted. After Bane challenged him, only to have Hurst nearly kill him in response, an irate Bane later killed his father through unconscious use of the Force. Zannah told him what she had done, and he expressed his disappointment before asking her to kill him, sparing him the life of a prisoner of the Jedi. Unaware of Darth Bane's existence, the Jedi believed that all the Sith had died with in the cave. However, before Bane could wipe out the Jedi, the ritual was cut short. However, Bane was not overcome from the pain—far from it. [1], However, things changed for Dessel after the Gloom Walkers received an order regarding the Battle of Phaseera. The Dark Lord sent a communication to Zannah's shuttle, instructing her to come to Ambria. However, one of the traps in Darth Rivan's fortress, as shown in A Mon Alone, is based on the Sith adherence to the Rule of Two.[32]. The Sith Lord despised the man, who believed himself to be an expert on the Sith, when Bane was confident that Tenn knew nothing of the true power of the dark side. From there, Bane grew strong, quickly surpassing even Lord Kaan. Kas'im also revealed that he had killed his master in a personal test of skill and took his weapon as a reminder of what his master taught him. Kaan and the other members of his order made their way to a series of caves nearby, planning to allow the Jedi to follow them.

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